Tylas is a fan made vivosaur created by TOGYSITPL.

Real Name: Tylosaurus.

Flavor text description: When teamed with long-range vivosaurs, Tylas and its allies gain total control of the battle field. It can use whirlpool to scare it's opponents and then use Tylas Fury to excite the opponent.

Ability: Sea Fiend: Doubles its defense and accuracy when teamed with long-range vivosaurs.

Fossilary description:  A large, predatory marine lizard closely related to modern monitor lizards and to snakes.


  • Tylas chomp: Dives in to bite the opponent. FP cost: 110. Damage: 100.
  • Whirlpool: Unlike most whirlpool moves, it scares the opponent. FP cost: 200. Damage: 186.
  • Tylas Fury: Excites the opponent. Best used after the use of Whirpool. FP cost: 300. Damage: 254.
  • Law of the Jungle. Has an ally sacrifice it's HP. FP cost: 50.
  • Team Skill: Sea Storm: Creates giant waves and summons whirlpools. FP cost: 280. Damage: 234.