Raiden is a fan made vivosaur created by ThatOneGuyYouSeeInTheParkingLot.

Flavor text description: One of the most powerful Attack class vivosaurs out there, Raiden's attack is staggering and defense stat is better than most vivosaurs. While very slow to develop, Raiden takes total control of the battle field after rank 8. Only professional trainers or closely bonded trainers can train it.

Ability: The will of the Hunter: When on it's last legs, stats multiply 2.

Fossilary description: So vicious, that it was banned from the dinosaur species. It was discovered recently.


  • Electric Shock: Charges electricity in his mouth, then bites its target. Deals 145 damage at max level. FP cost: 120
  • Toxic Shocker: Summons multiple bolts of toxic lightning bolts. Deals 160 damage at max level. FP cost: 200
  • Lightning Nightmare: Charges its entire body with lightning surrounding it. It bites it's opponents, rams into them, turns around and whips a wave of lightning, and releases a breath of lightning. Deals 243 damage. FP cost: 320
  • Electric shell: Raises its defense by 60%. FP cost: 90
  • Team Skill: Zeus' rage. Fires an ultimate breath of lightning, as well as fires bolts out of the sky. Deals 256 damage. FP cost: 350.