Nasuto is a fan made vivosaur created by TOGYSITPL.

Flavor Text description: It's excellent support effects make Nasuto more suited for battles in the SZ position. However, it's high attack and defense make just as suitable for the AZ.

Ability: Parting Blow: Increases it's stats tremendously when it's on it's last legs.

Fossilary description:

  • Real Name: Nasutoceratops
  • It's position of the horns and bulky nose makes it look like a bull.


  • Charging Leap. FP cost: 80. Damage: 98
  • Earth Shocker. FP cost: 160. Damage: 154
  • Mountain Crusher. FP cost: 280. Damage: 200
  • Harden
  • Team Skill: Earth Assault: Charges at it's opponents as it's surrounded by rocks. FP cost: 300. Damage: 198.