Mogaeld is a fan made vivosaur by TOGYSITPL.

Real Name: Megalodon

Flavor Text Description: Mogaeld is one of the very few vivosaurs that rival Krona. It can only use a team skill when teamed up with Raiden and Tsukidon.

Fossilary: One of the biggest sea monsters. It fed mostly on whales.

Ability: Sea Killer: When an ally is defeated, Mogaeld will get more health.


  • Mega Bite: Charges for a bite. FP cost: 100. Damage: 123.
  • Whirlpool: Creates a fiery whirlpool by spinning. FP cost: 200. Damage: 189
  • King of the seas: Creates a tsunami as well as a sea storm. FP cost: 360. Damage: 256
  • Law of the jungle: Has an ally sacrifice it's HP. FP cost: 50.
  • Team Skill: Fiery storm: Creates a sea storm of lava. FP Cost: 300. Damage: 270


  • Despite it's looks, Mogaeld is actually a fire type vivosaur.