Chaosaur is a fanmade vivosaur made by Charizard Rider.

Flavor text description: A Chaotic Vivosaur with power over light and darkness, its strength is hampered by its expensive skills.

Fossilary: A chaotic vivosaur, able to either destroy or create, depending on the path its master chooses.

Element: Legend

ability- Element Change- randomly changes element every 2 turns.


  • Chaotic Bite- 320 base damage, 200 fp
  • Riot Combo- 640 base damage, 350 fp
  • Raging Chaos- 920 base damage, 790 fp
  • team skill: Chaos Annihilation- 820 bade damage, able to cause any status ailment, 900 fp


  • was inspired by chaos gore magala of mh4u
  • resembles a tyrannosaur- Carcharodontosaur hybrid
  • Somewhat insane
  • Was Created from an abnormal storm